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donderdag 28 juni 2018

Painting a Hydrangea

On our dinner table stands a Hydrangea, it is a nice plant, and it is also a bit of a neat version.
You could say they all make the perfect Hydrangea’s at the plant grower.
And when you paint it like this it will be a watercolour, but not a exciting watercolour.
Like a modern building is boring we painters like a bit of old style, a old shed or fence that brake down a bit. We like that.
So I opened this photo in a photo application and tried to make it more the way I like it!
I added some flowers with the clone stamp, I blurred the image a bit and gave it a lighter look.
Okay now it is out of focus and looking more creative then the photo.
But will it work?
My next thing is to make a sketch from this blurry picture, and keep the shadows in mind!
Saving the whites and building up the flowers.
The sketch was done with a BIG wide graphite pencil.
Also I used this pencil to avoid details.
I sketch’t in the shapes of the flowers and the shadow sides. I decided to loose the light green pot and make it glass to have a bit of interest here too!
In real there were no flower stalks because it is a plant with compost!
But we are free to make what we want don’t we?
So I chose my colours and hoped for the best!
I didn’t look at the original photo anymore, but just used the sketch as a guide.
There was a moment I thought I could not do this, because I seldom make flowers.
But I went on and just what Joseph Zbukvic mentioned in his last dvd, forget the subject just paint what the watercolour is needing helps a lot!
Loose the light were you don’t want it, and bring in the darks where they are needed!
In this stage I really cannot explain a lot how I make these watercolours, because it  comes from intuition a lot. Maybe when I do more flowers I could make a movie about it.
This is the end result, some of you have already seen it on Facebook or Twitter, but this is the small story behind it.
Paper: Saunder Waterford rough 140 lb qrt sheet
Pigments: Rembrandt
Thank you
Edo Hannema

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